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(The following client testimonials are for marketing purposes only and are not intended to imply/infer guaranteed outcomes or similar results by our firm. All testimonials have been voluntarily submitted with permission granted for posting on our website.)

"I have a veterinary practice and needed to terminate one of the associates in the clinic. I heard about Betsy through another veterinarian. Betsy reviewed the Dr.'s contract, provided me with various alternatives and even showed me ways to improve all of my future employment contracts. I will be using her for all future contract issues."   -Sarah, DVM (also reported on www.avvo.com)

"I hired VetCounsel Team two years ago during a practice purchase and have retained them on a consultant basis since then. [Ms. Choder]... works ceaselessly to ensure that I and my business are protected.  She brings extensive knowledge of veterinary management to the table and is widely networked with other paraprofessionals...provides pertinent team training seminars that give my staff the knowledge and skills needed to perform their duties in the best interest of the business.  What is my opinion of the type of service and outcome I have received from VetCounsel?  Fabulous!  I do not want to practice veterinary medicine without knowing that VetCounsel “has my back.”                    -LB, DVM

"VetCounsel offered me a complementary legal consultation, during which I received lots of helpful advice and guidance regarding my practice forms and records. I also had to retain Ms. Choder for a legal issue involving my practice recently. She was easy to contact, responded very quickly, and answered all my questions completely and in a way that I could understand easily, yet did not make me feel that I was being “talked down to”.  She provided frank and clear recommendations and options. She was also very prompt in contacting me with updates in the situation she was handling for me.  Her manner and attitude were always supportive, cheerful and confident. During our conversations and meeting she was familiar with the type situation I was having to deal with and quickly made reasonable recommendations as what she thought was my best course of action and why.  The outcome of my legal concerns was reasonable and fair to all parties concerned.  I am very happy I met Ms. Choder..."     -RL, DVM

"Thank you so much for your prompt attention...and your quick resolution to the issue at hand. You made my job so much easier and less time consuming than I had planned. Once again I appreciate your efforts .."  -VF, DVM

"[T]hank you for all of your hard work. You really helped keep my anxiety levels down and facilitated a negotiation I would never have been able to get through on my own... and a sense of peace knowing that my contract is fair and enforceable." - LK, DVM



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