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Threats and allegations of negligence or malpractice can be extremely stressful, costly in terms of time and money, and are especially troubling because it puts a veterinarian’s or veterinary technician’s livelihood at risk.

Complaints and grievances filed with a court or with the State Board of Veterinary Medicine can be made for a variety of reasons and can come from various sources - a client, associate, employee, or employer. Each of whom might simply threaten taking legal action, without actually doing so. 

VetCounsel helps veterinarians and veterinary technicians take proactive measures, as applicable, to guard against the potential for allegations of negligence and malpractice claims - in ongoing efforts to protect your licensure, your goodwill, and your reputation in the community. 

Examples of our services include:

  • teaching/training skillful medical record-keeping habits, 
  • providing clinical templates and forms for many types of client situations (such as informed consent, releases, waivers, intake, boarding, payment procedures),
  • presenting interactive "Lunch N' Learn" sessions on numerous employment-/legal-related topics, and
  • serving as your legal representative at Georgia's State Board administrative hearings.

VetCounsel provides veterinary professionals with legal assistance, guidance, and representation in addressing administrative investigations as well as threats of lawsuits. 

Contact VetCounsel (770.551.8160) to arrange an appointment for consultation on your needs regarding allegations of grievances or complaints of legal action made against you, in efforts to help you take the appropriate steps to protect your license and your rights.

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