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Not All Attorneys Are The Same.

As a specialty consultation firm, with staff members having over 20 years of experience working with veterinarians, VetCounsel is able to provide customized advice, training, and guidance on areas such as practice management, human resources, as well as compliance with statutory and regulatory issues affecting veterinary practitioners.

We feel privileged when people entrust us with their business-clinical issues and concerns. VetCounsel takes this responsibility very seriously and works diligently to earn our clients’ trust and confidence. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of administrative consultation services for each client. 

We enjoy serving clients "right where you are" -  in whatever phase of Life, whether a student or a seasoned clinician - and whatever the location, a rural setting, mobile practice, or urban clinic.

VetCounsel sincerely cares about our clients and the results we can achieve - together - on behalf of upholding the values and ethical integrity associated with the practice of veterinary medicine and the canons of law.

[DISCLAIMER AND NOTICE:  VetCounsel, LLC is registered in the State of Georgia with attorneys licensed to practice in the State of Georgia. Information provided on this website is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship. Consultation and seminars with out-of-state veterinary practitioners is based upon generic legal principles only. All out-of-state clients are specifically instructed and advised by VetCounsel, LLC to consult with their local attorneys for legal advice on specific and individualized matters.]

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