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For solo practitioners and small (or mid-sized) businesses, maintaining compliance with regulations, laws and ethics while overseeing employees and administering care to patients can become a “24 hour job”. VetCounsel can help you achieve compliance within various areas of your work environment - such as, being aware of and maintaining adherence to regulations affecting the practice of veterinary medicine; in drafting/reviewing/revising your HR policies and procedures; as well as defining and meeting the goals and visions of your business practices from both ethical and practical standards.
Call us to schedule a “Compliance Check” for your clinic or workplace. Together, we can develop a business plan, that best suits your needs, to help keep your business in a risk-free zone of operation.

VetCounsel provides customized assistance to small business professionals on various everyday issues including:

  • Employment practices, such as employee hiring and termination issues
  • Drafting/Revising employee handbooks
  • Conducting internal workplace investigations
  • Review, drafting and negotiations of Contracts
  • Assistance with adverse legal/administrative allegations
  • Management training, including Seminars, for the entire staff

Principal Attorney: BETSY CHODER, ESQ.
Juris Doctorate Degree: University of Pittsburgh            Law License: GA
(B.S. - Animal Sciences; M.Sc. - Radiation Safety/Physics)

Employment History: Corporate Business Manager, In-House Counsel, Customer Service Representative, Magazine Publisher/Editor, Research Assistant

Chair, State Bar of Georgia - Animal Law Section (2018-2019, 2010-2013)
Co-Author: "Blackwell's Five Minute Veterinary Practice Management Consult" (Wiley, 2nd edition, 2013)

"Speaker of the Year - Practice Management" 2018 - North American Veterinary Conference

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